My Wheelchair is My Freedom

I have cerebral palsy, and I have had to rely on a mobility device for my whole life. When I was younger and small, I used an umbrella stroller, and then when I got older and was big enough, I started using a wheelchair. Some people refer to people who use a wheelchair to get around as “wheelchair-bound”. Another way that someone may describe a person that uses a wheelchair is “confined to a wheelchair.” For me personally, I believe that both of these terms are incorrect. For me being in my wheelchair represents freedom and independence.

Being in my wheelchair gives me access to so many things and the access to participate in everyday living and our society. I am able to work, go to my college classes, go outside into nature, and travel all while in my chair and I can even get down on the dance floor (and let me tell you, I can tear it up on the dance floor!) It is because of my chair and the freedom it gives me that I’m able to go out into the community and have these experiences, and if I didn’t have my chair, I wouldn’t be able to be as active in the community.

The main wheelchair that I use is a power wheelchair, and it has the capabilities to elevate, recline, tilt, move the foot rest up and down and many other features.

Being able to have these features on my wheelchair helps me to unlock a whole new level of Independence. For example, if I am in the kitchen and something is high up on a counter or a shelf, I am able to reach whatever I need easily and quickly. If I didn’t have access to these features on my chair, It would be a lot harder for me to reach the things that I need, and I would have to rely a lot on other people.

As I’m currently writing this post on July 2022, my electric wheelchair has broken down. Not being able to use my electric wheelchair has opened up my eyes as to how much of having my power chair is an integral part of my life. Having the freedom to be able to go where I want when I want is priceless! Right now, I am using a manual wheelchair, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have that chair. However, the thing about the manual wheelchair is that I have to rely a lot on other people for help, and I’m not able to do things as independently as I would be able to if I were in my electric wheelchair. Nevertheless, every single one of us needs a little help from our friends!

Even though I use a wheelchair to get around, I am not “wheelchair-bound” I am a wheelchair user; I am not confined to a wheelchair.” In fact, my wheelchair gives me the freedom that everyone deserves. And I know that with the independence my chair gives me, I can take on the world!

6 responses to “My Wheelchair is My Freedom”

  1. You sure can take the world on! I love you and your Independence! Your one of the strong people I know and you don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way! You have many times heard people say you couldn’t do because of you chair and you said bet I do and you did! Beyond proud of you!!

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  2. Kelsi,
    Of all the people I hear complaining in the world, myself included, you have stepped up embraced life and found the positive in it. You have Inspired me from the first time I met you, to the years of HS Band. Of all the Super Heroes on the big screen, you have surpassed them all. You are my favorite Super Hero. It is quite a blessing to know you and call you friend. Love you girl.
    Ronnie Vah


  3. Kelsi your family should be so proud of you and I know for sure Tami your mom is. I remember your mom showing me pictures of you and I said she is a beautiful girl. Not only beautiful but an inspiration to so many people. Keep up the good work and you will surpass any dreams that you have.


  4. This is fantastic, Kelsi. I absolutely love reading your perspective on life. Do you mind if I share on the Easterseals page?

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