A is For Accommodations

Well, it’s about that time when everyone starts heading back to school! Whether you’re in grades K through 12 or pursuing higher education, back to school is a busy time for all of us! One thing that can play an important role in a person with disabilities’ educational journey is the accommodations they receive in the classroom.

Accommodations can be put in place for students with disabilities to help them be successful and reach their goals.

Suppose you are a high school student and want accommodations or a parent that wants accommodations for their child. I would recommend getting your child evaluated for special education services like an IEP. If you need more information about how to go about this, here’s an article from Disability Rights Ohio that I found really helpful!

If you’re looking to pursue higher education, you may have to go a different route to be able to receive accommodations. The thing that is different about receiving accommodations in college is that students that want Accommodations are responsible for signing up with the college’s accessibility services department. In other words, the college or your professors will not know that you need Accommodations unless accessibility services notify them.

Some accommodations that may be helpful for students are extended time on tests and the ability to take tests in a quiet place for people who struggle with test anxiety. Another accommodation could be recording a lecture instead of taking notes for students like myself, where it’s hard for us to write physically. Or it may be a good option for students who have a hard time keeping up with taking notes in class.

Sign language interpreters can be helpful for students that are deaf or hearing impaired.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different! Choose accommodations that will help you be successful in the classroom.

I wish everyone an excellent school year, work hard, try your best, and have fun!

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