Accessibility For All

For my new blog post this week, I would like to talk about an experience I had the other day at my little brother’s football game. It was an away game, so I was going to sit on the visitor’s side with my family. However, we noticed there was no way for a wheelchair to get on the visitor’s side…

This brings me to an important issue I’d like to talk about. .

When a community like city government officials, school boards, and organizations in our community come together, they need to make sure that any place within the community is accessible for people with disabilities.

Some examples of this are making sure there are curb cuts on the sidewalk, so wheelchair users can get where they need to go safely.

Another example is making sure there are wheelchair-accessible entrances into and out of a building so in case there’s an emergency, like a fire, that person can get in and out of the building safely.

Also, making sure the sidewalks are wide enough for wheelchairs. Etc. etc

If someone holds a concert or live event, make sure there are sign language interpreters for hearing impaired people.

These are just some accommodations that we can use to help make our community more accessible. My best advice would be to talk to disability advocates in your local area and listen to them.

My question to city officials is, what are you doing in your city to make things accessible for citizens with disabilities? If you have a hard time answering that question, then I would ask you to reevaluate what you are doing!

People with disabilities have so much to offer to our community. Doing these things and listening to your citizens with disabilities will not only help to build a stronger community but a better world!

One response to “Accessibility For All”

  1. Well said Kelsey! Not only do accommodations like ramps and wheelchair accessible sidewalks provide equality, they are really helpful to emergency personnel.

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