Remembering Judy Heumann

In my blogs, I often talk about disability history.

I am sad to say that on March 4, 2023, we lost a true champion for people with disabilities and someone who made history.

Her advocacy started at five years old when she was denied the right to go to school because she was considered a “fire hazard.”

From then on, Judy Heumann worked tirelessly for the rights of people with disabilities!

She was instrumental in passing legislation such as Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As people with disabilities, so many of our opportunities today are because of Judy and the rest of her fellow advocates in her generation.

Unfortunately, I never had the privilege to meet Judy. However, she did make an impact in my life.

I first came to know of Judy when I watched the documentary film called Crip Camp. (If you would like to read my blog about the documentary, click here!)

I immediately connected with Judy right away because I could relate to parts of her story.

I was in awe of the way she spoke so articulate so professional! And every time I heard her speak she always gave me something new to think about!

I think that is part of why the passing of Judy hit so hard for me because in her a see a tiny piece of myself..

I want to end by sharing a quote from Judy that I never saw until recently.. “Some people say that what I did changed the world” But really, I simply refused to accept what I was told about who I could be. And I was willing to make a fuss about it.”

Rest in power Judy.

if you’d like to learn more about Judy’s life Check out the following links below

Judy’s Ted Talk

Crip Camp The Film

Judy’s book

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